Scientific activities have always been the basis for the effective training of highly qualified specialists at the undergraduate and postgraduate stages of study, and for solving topical problems of medical theory and practice, identification and recognition of DNMU by scientific community on the territory of our country and beyond it.


The educational process at the university is organized on the firm principles of science, humanism, democracy, continuity and autonomy from the influence of any political parties, public and religious organizations, that provides opportunities for its continuous development.

Students’ self-government

Students’ self-government guarantees protection of students' rights and interests, insures their participation in management of higher education institution and creates opportunities for students' balanced intellectual and creative development, supports students' social and public activities.


The immensely bright international exchange opportunities and collaboration with a wide variety of national and international educational programs provide students and lecturers with the opportunity to improve their skills.


Donetsk national medical university organizes its work on the basis of the license of the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine for higher educational activity according to the order N156 dated from 19.07.19 (identification code - 02010698)

Medical work

Informative and multifaceted consultative reception conducted by the staff members of the University faculties on basis of special departments, provides high standards of medical service.
Opportunity to study in three cities of Ukraine


1 491 students
4 faculties


1 232 students
2 faculties


338 students
1 faculty

University news

Materials for distance learning of foreign students

{:uk} Urology Surgery 4th year medicine Phthysiology Neurology Propedeutics of internal medicine Obstetrics and gynecology General surgery Physical rehabilitation, sports medicine Social medicine hygiene and ecology 1 2 3 4 5 THEMATICAL PLAN OF UNITS OF UROLOGY THEMATIC PLAN OF PRACTICAL CLASSES FOR 4TH YEAR MEDICAL STUDENTS Topic 1 Topic…

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Онлайн-форма волонтерів-медиків для допомоги в закладах охорони в яких лікуються хворі на covid-19

Міністерство охорони здоров’я України для надання допомоги закладам охорони здоров’я, що будуть надавати медичну допомогу хворим на COVID-19, звертається до студентів-медиків, лікарів-інтернів та лікарів, що не працюють.

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